Wednesday, June 13, 2018

I would settle for a GPS, personally.

This post originally ran awhile ago. I'm cleaning some things up and moving them around, so please enjoy this bit about the things I get up to in my sleep.

So, The Bloggess wrote a post kind of recently ("There should be a yelp for places you visit in your sleep") that I only got around to seeing now because I am terrible at keeping up with blog-reading.

That said, I wholeheartedly agree.

Sometimes I have dreams that turn out to be prophetic, usually within a window of two days to two weeks (which isn't much help at all, since they don't come with any particular markers. I don't even know they're predicting anything until the exact thing they're predicting comes to pass). All of my regular dreams take place on the same map, usually even in the same spots:

  • Like the place with the really tall grass and the fat ponies that disappear if you get too close to them.

  • Or the place with the square hills and the silver deer that don't have any eyes.

  • Or the renfaire that happens around the outside of this astonishingly enormous Grecian-esque temple that nobody goes inside of because it was built by giants.

  • Or the city on the concrete platform in the middle of the ocean, that's only accessible by really high, swoopy bridges and monorails and taps right into my fear of bridges and riding up really steep, narrow roads.

  • Or this beach with very soft, pretty white sand, and an extremely threatening-looking storm just constantly looming on the horizon.

Even dreams that don't happen in one of these areas always happen in a spot I know is geographically connected to one of them, and I always have a sense of where I'd have to walk, fly, swim, etc. to in order to reach them. It's helpful for not-quite-lucid dreams -- unpleasant dreams where I may not be fully aware that I'm dreaming and able to control the outcome, but I know that I can choose not to be there and escape to an area that's "safer."

Sometimes I turn up in my dreams during holidays, like the time I dreamed I was in the ocean city when they were having a holiday that involved decorating statues with paper flowers and garlands. Nobody seemed to remember the original reason for it, but there was some speculation that tied it back to an ancient holiday during which people in the city would leave offerings to one particular statue. That turned from food and incense to paper decorations, which eventually turned into decorating all of the statues for good luck. In my dream, a dream-friend told me she'd left a garland on one of them in the hopes that it'd help her mother recover from gallbladder surgery.

This is probably why I never really feel rested after I sleep. It seems like I spend the whole night doing stuff.

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