Friday, January 19, 2018

Lodolite Love Affair

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Have you ever stared into a lodolite crystal?

They're clear quartz (usually, though some may be smoky) but, within their depths, entire worlds unfold. Inclusions of chlorite, iron oxides, feldspar, and other minerals create elaborate scenes of miniature forests, branches of coral, or landscapes that look like they belong on some distant planet. They're amazingly beautiful, and taking the time to contemplate the tiny inner worlds within them is a very peaceful, grounding activity. Sometimes, lodolite is referred to as "shamanic quartz," "garden quartz," or "scenic quartz." It's said to help with meditation and journeying, as well as having all of the properties usually ascribed to clear quartz.

Specimens can be tricky to find sometimes -- it's not often that you find pieces of quartz with a lot of inclusions and enough clarity to really appreciate them. The highest quality pieces of lodolite look like they encapsulate entire countrysides, while other specimens may only have a few clouds or tufts of bright color within them. When they're cut or polished, they can make for absolutely stunning jewelry.

Check out some of these pieces:

This lodolite sphere pendant ($45) by AllsNotLostDesigns combines the beauty of chlorite-included quartz with antiqued copper. Per the listing, "[t]he inclusion of CHLORITE minerals in this quartz sphere blends the energetic properties of both minerals, making it a powerful tool for healing, grounding, and connecting with nature. Scenic inclusions not only make this crystal a natural wonder, but also augment its beneficial properties."

I love the detail of the spirals in the wire work. It's a really beautiful piece.





Green Phantom Quartz Pendant Necklace: Raw Lodolite Healing Gemstone Crystal, Chlorite, Shamanic Dream, Wire-Wrapped, Nickel Free Copper

If you prefer the rustic, natural look of rough crystal, this green phantom quartz necklace ($75) by DoodlepunkArt is a great addition to your collection. The green coloration comes courtesy of chlorite, which gives this stone a particularly lovely, aquatic, dreamlike appearance that's beautifully offset by the antique copper.

These necklaces are made to order, so each one is a unique piece of wearable art unto itself.




Chlorite Phantom Quartz Macrame Necklace

I'm a sucker for beautiful knotwork, and this phantom quartz and macrame piece ($35.95) by TalesofUsJewellery is particularly pretty. I love the combination of the black cord with the dark green chlorite -- the deceptive simplicity of the macrame really does a lovely job of showing off the detail and inclusions within the stone.

Per the listing, "Affirmation: I link myself to the Earth and the world of Nature, finding there the keys to inner balance, health, and well being."







Set of 5 Natural Lodolite Quartz Points / Chlorite Inclusion Phantom Crystals #4


If you are interested in working with lodolite in a metaphysical capacity, or just want materials to craft your own jewelry, these rough lodolite specimens ($22) from KouvaDreamCatchers are a good place to start. I have several stones from this seller already, and all of them have been very high-quality pieces. A photo really can't do them justice -- they have to be seen to really appreciate the detail in their inclusions.





Purple Garden Lodolite Ring

definitely couldn't finish this post without mentioning this stunning lodolite ring ($170) by RenateSurh. The undulating spirals of purple, silver, red, and deep green almost look like waves, or some strange species of moss. It's like a forest scene frozen in time -- the longer you look at it, the more colors and details emerge. There's so much texture within the stone, it's almost hard to believe it's all held inside a smooth, polished quartz crystal!








Have you worked with lodolite? What have your experiences been?

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