Monday, December 4, 2017

Fancy Things for Discerning Moon-Gazers

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Sometimes, I window-shop and plan how my significant other and I might order our lives once we leave here. We both love our apartment, but our lives are quickly outgrowing the space we're in.

I know I'd like to have even more plants than we do already -- great green fountains of ferns, trees small enough to live beside, more prickly cacti and plump-leafed succulents. I've mentioned before how I like living in places that bring the outdoors in, and one of the ways I'm fond of doing so is by having the moon and stars around me. If you're an avid moon-gazer too, you might like some of these tiny ways to keep a little lunar influence around you.
“We are going to the moon that is not very far. Man has so much farther to go within himself.”
― Anaïs Nin

LUNAR BLOSSOM embroidery kit - embroidery hoop art, phases of the moon, luna, lunar cycle, sashiko style, night sky, celestial, moon phase

This Lunar Blossom Embroidery Kit ($24.00) from cozyblue is a great gift for either yourself, or the crafter in your life. I love the simplicity of the hand-illustrated design -- it evokes sigils and constellations, moon phases and flowers, all while using relatively few lines and stitches.

I used to enjoy embroidery a lot when I had more time for it. I wasn't sure when I'd ever pick it up again, but I think this kit may have sold me on it -- and I'm planning on getting it to hang onto for a slow day. I think I might splurge and try out the Midnight Flight kit ($24.00) too, while I'm at it. I love the colors!








Bath Bomb MOON MAGICK Scented in cedar, woods, citrus, musk Magic Ritual Witch Horror Goth Gothic 5oz Bath Fizzy Bombs Lunar New Full Moon

If your idea of a relaxing afternoon tends to lean more towards "spa day" than "crafting," that's cool too! These moon magick bath bombs ($6.00) by ThePotionCabinet are richly scented with cedar, woods, citrus, and musk. They smell just like a ritual under a canopy of moonlit trees.

They're full of ingredients that are great for your skin, too -- Epsom salt, shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, sea salt, and kaolin. Fun fact: If you have chlorinated tap water, the citric acid in bath bombs is a natural way to help remove or reduce it.

No bathtub? No problem! These Full Moon aromatherapy shower steamers ($8.00) from thecosmiccompany have you covered.














Moon round skirt

I've been seriously lusting after this Moon round skirt ($104.69) from Elanthia. Made of silk, it closes with ties at the waist that allow it to fit a wide variety of sizes. Even if you fall outside of the average, Elanthia is willing to custom-make a skirt in your size.

Prefer a longer, straighter skirt? They also have an ankle-length design available, printed with a vertical moons ($83.75).
















Sister of The Moon Dress/ Dipped Dyed Crescent Moon Dress - Made to Order

If you're more of a dress person than a skirt person, check out this gorgeous dip-dyed Sister of the Moon dress from ThreadyJenny.

It's entirely made to order, from the construction to the hand-dying and printing with the creator's original artwork. It's a comfortable, roomy design that's as perfect for relaxing as it is for dancing around a fire under the moon.







Moon Earrings / Healing Crystal / Clear Quartz / Dangle Earring / Silver Earrings / Daniellerosebean / Drop Earrings / Raw Crystal Earrings

These moon earrings ($72.00) by daniellerosebean are completely my jam. They've got everything -- silver crescent moons, hand-wrapped rough crystals, and a full 3" drop.












Moon Hoop Earrings ~ Crescent Moon Phase Jewelry ~ Silver Earrings Gauges ~ Tribal Fusion Belly Dance ~ Witchy Occult Jewelry ~ Wiccan

If you prefer earrings with a little less swing, these moon hoop earrings ($46.00) from Talismana Designs are a beautiful choice. They have a versatile width that allows them to be worn in regular pierced ears, or layered with tunnels or hoops in gauged ears.











LAVENDER MOON** Lavender, Sandalwood & Vanilla ** roll on perfume~witchy~broomstick magic~ritual

I love handmade perfumes, and this Lavender Moon perfume ($7.00) from Crimson and Conjure is no exception. A blend of lavender, vanilla, and sandalwood, it's the perfect blend of ethereal sweetness and deep earthiness.














"She is changeable, like the moon... And, like the moon, her mind is full of gaps and craters."
― K. Hitchens

Here's hoping you had a good Supermoon. It's the last one of 2017 -- I'm looking forward to a great winter ahead.

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