Sunday, November 19, 2017

Curious Things This Week -- 11/19/2017

Hi! I hope your upcoming week goes well and, if not, that it at least goes quickly. Today, I bring you:

The 17th-Century Spy Who Gave Us Big Strawberries -- Renaissance man (and spy) Amedée François Frézier brought back Chilean strawberry plants to please the strawberry-loving Louis XIV. Unfortunately, the strawberries required plants of the opposite sex in order to set fruit, and these plants sat barren for some time. It was only when farmers began planting them beside strawberries from elsewhere in the Americas that they created the big, luscious fruits we know and love.

Top 5 Restaurants to Kill Time in After Committing Murder -- "Be it man, mosquito or moth, murder works up quite an appetite, so where do you go when you need to lay low and maybe have a drink or three to soothe your frayed nerves?"

Cards Against Humanity Is Trying To Stop Trump’s Wall By Purchasing Border Land -- And becoming the biggest, most expensive, completely legal PITA they can.

US Navy confirms its jets drew penises in the sky over Washington -- "After the penises were sighted in the heavens above the state, residents began writing to local media to complain that they were concerned they may have to explain human anatomy to their children."

Political cartoon about witch hunts raises concerns for local Pagan -- A Wiccan former city council member is wondering if a political cartoon is targeting her based on her religion... But is it overtly malicious, or careless?

What Happened to Ed Gein’s Gravestone? -- Nothing marks Ed Gein's grave but a little hole where true crime enthusiasts, murder groupies, and collectors of curiosities collect dirt. What happened to the original (and replacement) headstones that mark the infamous killers gravesite?

Lastly, I leave you with this song I've had in my head for days. Have a good week!