Sunday, November 12, 2017

Curious Things This Week -- 11/12/2017

Hello! This week, I have for you:

Face of 18th-Century Torryburn Witch Revealed in Digital Reconstruction -- In 1704, an old woman named Lillias Adie was accused of causing one of her neighbors to fall ill. When she was brought before the authorities, she confessed to being a witch with a series of confusing, nonsensical tales about unearthly lights and dancing in the forest. She accused many others of witchcraft as well, before dying in prison.

45 Scary Mythical Creatures from Around the World -- I'm a bit surprised there aren't more Unseelie fae pictured here. Then again, you could basically make an entire poster of just them. It's a wonder any Irish people ever survived to adulthood.

Noel Gallagher calls scissors-playing bandmate the “greatest thing” he’s ever seen -- "Noel has said of his scissors-playing bandmate: 'She’s French and she’s eccentric to say the least. I said to her, ‘can you play the tambourine?’, She said, ‘I cannot play the tambourine.’ I said, ‘Oh right. Shaker?’ ‘Non. I can play the scissors.’ She brought them in and I was looking at my bass player going, if that’s not the greatest thing you’ve ever seen then tell me what is. A French bird in a cape playing the scissors? It doesn’t get any better than that does it?'"

The Fungus That Turns Ants Into Zombies Is More Diabolical Than We Realized -- What we thought was a brain parasite actually appears to be much, much more terrifying: "[N]ew research published this week in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that the brains of these zombie ants are left intact by the parasite, and that O. unilateralis is able to control the actions of its host by infiltrating and surrounding muscle fibers throughout the ant’s body."

Ancient Greek 'Masterpiece' Revealed on Thumb-Size Gem -- "The carving in full detail can only be easily seen with a photomicroscopy camera lens. Some of the details carved onto the stone are only half a millimeter big. A magnifying glass may have been used to create the details on the stone, but according to Stocker, no type of magnifying tool from this time period has ever been found."

Please Stop Trying to Sell Me Shit! (I’m Just Not Your Gal) -- If chunks of your social media feeds have been taken over by earnest women pushing everything from makeup, to weight loss, to oils, to pants, this might be for you.

Roy Moore's alleged pursuit of a young girl is the symptom of a larger problem in evangelical circles -- "As a teenager, I attended a lecture on courtship by a home-school speaker who was popular at the time. He praised the idea of 'early courtship' so the girl could be molded into the best possible helpmeet for her future husband. The girl’s father was expected to direct her education after the courtship began so she could help her future husband in his work.
In retrospect, I understand what the speaker was really describing: Adult men selecting and grooming girls who were too young to have life experience. Another word for that is 'predation.'"

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