Monday, September 11, 2017

Visiting a very fancy swamp

Okay, technically it's a marsh -- swamps are populated with woody plants (mangrove, etc.) while marshes are populated with other plants. While there were no trees here (sigh. Swamp trees are so cool) there were plenty of beautiful marsh plants.

As a warning to any friends who feel uneasy looking at pictures of holes, there is a photo or two of some lotus seed pods.

[caption id="attachment_3818" align="aligncenter" width="514"] Including loads of water lilies![/caption]


My favorite part was the vast swathe of lotuses. Most of them were no longer blooming -- we were lucky to be able to get close to a few that were. The majority were green pods, waiting to dry and release their hard little seeds. Lotuses are extremely hydrophobic, and will do anything they can to avoid growing into the mud and water that houses their roots. The end result is a field of enormous, saucerlike lotus leaves on stalks as tall as a grown man, odd seed pods, and bright pink flowers rustling in the breeze. It makes for a very striking sight, and one that's not really adequately captured with a camera.

Most of the pods were still green and fleshy when we saw them, not yet shriveled up enough for their seeds to fall.

There was also an abundance of rosemallows, and lily pads the size of manhole covers. All around, the air was alive with a chorus of chirping insects and the faint wingbeats of bright blue dragonflies. There were mushrooms almost everywhere we looked, too -- from big, fleshy chicken-of-the-woods, to little pinkgills almost eclipsed by the grass surrounding them.

We didn't have enough time for a thorough exploration, so we're saving the river trail for next time. I'd really like to go back and record some nature sounds for meditative purposes (maybe layer them with some binaural beats?) and maybe some video of the marsh and river itself.

Have you been doing any exploration lately? What have you found?


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