Monday, August 14, 2017

Spread their faces, spread their names.

An American woman was killed on American soil while fighting Nazis.

Nazis that don't want their pictures spread around, because their employers and families might take a dim view of being associated with domestic terrorists. Nazi men and women that are arrogant enough to go out with uncovered faces, knowing their white skin would keep them from serious repercussions even as they ganged up on and beat a man with poles. There are people dedicated to outing these terrorists, and good. Protection of free speech is not protection from the consequences of using it for hate speech, there is a line between free speech and terrorism. These are not just basement dwellers and goofy assholes who bought out an entire Home Depot's worth of tiki torches -- these are parents, siblings, cousins, friends, employees, students, and church members. These are people all around you.

Spread their faces, and spread their names.

Never forget the woman who died standing against them. Her name is Heather Heyer, and she died by the hand of a white supremacist because she said all people are equal.
I honor Heather Heyer as an ancestral hero. She is a modern Valkyrie. May she pass on to her ancestors and her gods and be honored by all those who remember her.

She died protesting Nazis last night.

-- Melissa Hill, "A Pagan Priest’s Response to the Horror of Charlottesville"

It's been said before, but if you've ever wondered what you would've done during the Holocaust or the Civil Rights Era, now you know. This is it. This is the time. Whatever you're doing now -- whether upholding white supremacy, admonishing "both sides" (when only one murdered someone with a car and beat a man with poles), or standing against racism, xenophobia, religious persecution, sexism, ableism, homophobia, and transphobia -- is what you would've done then. There is no need to wonder. Will you let evil triumph by doing nothing?

Honor Heather Heyer. Honor all those who gave their lives and safety in standing against white supremacy. And keep spreading the names and faces of the perpetrators.

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