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Easy Prosperity Magick

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So, you could use a little boost to your finances and general abundance. Maybe you've already tried some of the things I mentioned the other day, and are ready to add some metaphysical "oomph." Awesome!

Using the moon and planetary times.

First things first, I want to preface the rest of these spells by pointing out that they're best worked when the timing is on your side. A waxing moon will help draw things to you. Thursday (ruled by Jupiter) or during a Jupiter hour also bodes well for increase. (Be specific about what you want to increase, though -- it doesn't discriminate!)

Got all that? Great!

Be specific and sensible.

With money magick, in particular, I've found that it helps to be specific about where you'd like it to come from. Many a person has asked for more money, only to be loaded up with unwanted overtime at work instead of getting the windfall they hoped for. It's also good to be sensible -- the universe has to shift a lot of things to help you win the lottery (especially against everyone else who's working magick for the same exact thing!), so don't be surprised if a high-stakes prayer isn't necessarily successful right away.

Prosperity Sweetening Jar

One of the simplest prosperity spells I've ever worked on is the creation of a sweetening jar. It takes a bit of time, but it's pretty easy and self-explanatory -- you take a jar, load it up with curios related to the situation you want to "sweeten up," and add simple syrup or honey to fill. Some say that simple syrup works a little faster than honey, while others prefer honey for its symbolism (it comes from bees, hard little workers that they are) and golden color. Use whatever feels most appropriate to you, and keep track of how well or how quickly it works.

Money sachet.

Sachets or charm bags are good for stashing in a purse, pocket, wallet, or wherever else you keep your dosh. They're simple to make, too. You need:

  • A square of green or gold cloth.

  • Green or gold thread.

  • Money herbs, stones, symbols, etc. Cinnamon sticks, small chunks of citrine or pyrite, paper play money, real coins, and other small, prosperity-oriented or symbolic objects work here.

Shiney Gold! 1 PYRITE Cluster Rough Nugget Stone Medium .75"+ Chunk aka Peru Fools Gold Healing Crystal and Stone #PR03

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="513"] Shiny pyrite clusters from BlissCrystals, one of my favorite crystal suppliers.[/caption]

Lay out the square of cloth. Hold your hands over it, envisioning money raining down in a shower of glittering, golden or green energy to fill the cloth. If you're working toward a specific amount, keep that number firmly in your mind. You can say a chant here if you wish. A simple, no-frills one might be:

"Money, money, come to me,
As I do will, it must be."

Then, take each of the herbs or curios into your dominant hand. Hold them there, while you visualize filling each one with golden, abundant energy. Place them in the cloth, and tie it securely with the thread. Keep it where you keep your money (or, if you're like me, your bank cards).

Note: If you choose to use a green lodestone or any other magnetic ingredients, don't keep it near your cards! 

Use candle magick.

Candle spells can be as simple or as complex as you'd like. In their simplest form, they entail choosing a candle of the appropriate color, visualizing it filled with the energy you need, and burning it at the proper time. For added power, they can be dressed with the appropriate herbs, anointed with the right oils, and burned while you pray or meditate on your desire. For a relatively short, one-off spell, your best bet is to use a small chime candle (or even a birthday candle). For a longer one, a seven-day or thirteen-day candle is best.

If you are not yet at a point in your practice where you're comfortable dressing a candle yourself, there are plenty of beautiful, effective prosperity candles made by other practitioners that can aid you in your practice:

Prosperity Money Candle

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="513"] Prosperity Money Candle, by WitchyDantura.[/caption]

Money candle

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="513"] Money Candle, by WitchyPotions.[/caption]

Mo Money Candle, Hand grub, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Conjure, Hand Grubbed, Ritual, Pagan, Wiccan

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="513"] Mo' Money Candle, by HonoringMotherEarth.[/caption]


Dress your money.

One very common, simple means of prosperity magick is to dress or anoint the money you've got. Some people use two dollar bills or silver Mercury dimes for this, others just use whatever's currently in their wallet. The process is simple: Choose whichever coin or bill is going to be your prosperity magnet, visualize it multiplying, dust it with money-drawing powder (or ground cinnamon) or anoint it with a money-drawing oil, keep it with the rest of your money, and don't spend it. As long as you have it, it will bring you monetary luck.

There are loads of recipes for powders and oils online, or you can find them pre-made at botanicas or occult shops. For a simple homemade powder (made from ingredients you probably already have), you can use any combination of:

  • Ground cinnamon

  • Dried basil

  • Dried chamomile

  • Dried thyme

  • Ginger

  • Cloves


Worse comes to worst, keep a container of pumpkin pie spice handy -- it contains many powerful money-drawing herbs (and a couple others that are good luck for gamblers). 

I haven't tried to work any spells to actually get rich (if I need something, I usually work magick to get that specific thing, rather than money for its own sake), but I've always had money when I've needed it. Do you work prosperity magick? What are your favorite ingredients? Let me know if there are any powerhouses I've missed here!

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