Friday, July 28, 2017

My Sweet and Precious Garbage Boy

Ah, Pyewacket. My sweet, cuddly, idiot baby kittyboy arsonist.

He has a lot of personality, and plenty of funny little quirks. For example, I thought he was accidentally knocking my plant off of the windowsill so he could wiggle his chubby little cat butt up there instead. I was wrong. He wanted to knock it over to spread a nice, even layer of potting soil in the bottom of the tub so he could roll around in it like a filthmonger.

[caption id="attachment_3677" align="aligncenter" width="513"] "What? I'm busy."[/caption]

Doing things to try to modify his behavior is not always entirely helpful. Like when I moved the plant out of the bathroom, so he wouldn't be tempted to roll in it.

[caption id="attachment_3678" align="aligncenter" width="513"] He later jumped up on the bed to say hello, all wet and spiky and fragrant.[/caption]

He's a playful little dude, too. Not interested in toys he can bat around by himself, he loves getting me to play with him by knocking things over, pulling my phone out of my hand, wrapping his entire body around my ankle, and headbutting me in the face. I love him and would like to shorten his reign of terror, so I give in.

And then he learned he could get me to keep tossing toys for him if he brought them back.
I know, I know.
This is my fault.

It was cute at first, though (between that, the digging, and the fact that he wags his tail when he's excited) I've begun to think the Humane Alliance had scammed me into adopting a weird looking, uncooperative dog.

The other day he made me play fetch with him for an hour and a half. With a crumpled-up cough drop wrapper. At four in the morning. I'm not allowed to refuse to play, because he'll begin knocking things over and amusing himself.
I used to like being able to get some time alone. Now I find it very, very suspicious.

So, how do I teach him to play by himself? I've never shared a living space with anything quite this clingy. (For real, I've lived with toddlers that required less stimulation and supervision.) Can I get him interested in balls and other toys, or am I doomed to function as some kind of feline batting cage forever?






  1. My cat's favorite thing to do is to balance all legs at the corner of her litter box when she takes a dump, then leap with such force out of there that the whole box tips onto her back and she comes screeching out into the living room with a back full of cat litter. Good times!

  2. Oh no! I don't think Pye could perch on a box -- he'd never get all fifteen or so pounds of himself up there. He's dusty enough as it is just from digging, I can imagine what a whole cat full of litter must be like, lol!

  3. What an awesome read! haha! And I get you, I have a tiger (my sweet name for him) running around in the house. And when I work, in my Studio, bullying me :-) When I am photographing flat lays on the ground (I know I'm asking for it), he loves to play with the props I carefully lay out, aaaarh.
    So he got his own instagram now :-) (@kuskatslittlehelper) Luckily it's getting cold and he is demanding human heat on the lap, like now. Wish you all the best and lots of cuddles!

  4. LOL! My Nutmeg used to do many of the same things your Pyewacket does, but as he got older, he settled in just a tad LOL! I giggled through most of of this. Just like a cat to do those things! LOL!

  5. Sounds like you'll have to get him a friend... or at least convince him you did, if getting him an actual furry or feathered companion is out of the question. Is it? Because the Baby Cat settled nicely after he got his first pets (guinea pigs, if you must know—he was wonderful with them, and so protective!) and really mellowed/matured when we got him a kitten to rear as his own. But if a warm companion isn't an option, what about one of those battery operated toys meant to make them think you're playing with them? Like the laser pointers or teasers that whip around on their own—would something like that help? You could still sit quietly nearby, participating in the illusion, but you'd be doing other things (like blogging!)

  6. He actually has a friend -- sometimes she's willing to play with him, but she's a few years older (we adopted them together, he was 11 months, she was 3) and not always as willing to roughhouse with him. I'd love to get a small dog, or another young cat, but we're limited to 2 for now.
    I do want to try a battery operated toy, though! He's been doing a bit better now that he has a cat tree, but he still needs a lot of engagement to keep him out of my plants, lol.

  7. I'm really hoping Pye settles down a bit... Don't get me wrong, I love the goofy things he gets up to, but man are some of my plants starting to look worse for wear, lol. He's still young, though -- only about a year and a half -- so I think we've got a lot of time yet!

  8. I think there's just something about orange tabbies, lol. Every one I've ever known has been such a goofball! I'll have to check out his instagram -- my guys don't have their own (yet), but they show up on mine a lot. :)