Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Whirlwind Graduation Weekend.

Not mine, my S.O.'s. He's been part of one of George Washington University's masters degree programs, and is now finally done with school forever (unless he changes his mind later on -- but, if you were to ask him right now, he'd say forever). Between going to school, working, and helping to take care of me when I was really sick about a year ago, it's been very rough on him. I'm really proud of and happy for him.

Some of his family members came to visit this weekend, which made for a pretty hectic schedule of lunches, dinners, and graduation ceremonies. It was nice getting to see everyone, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worn out by the end of it!

The ceremony itself was kind of the highlight of the weekend, from my perspective. Senator Duckworth gave a speech, and I've admired her ever since she came on my radar. She embodies so much strength and toughness, tempered with a real sense of humility and humor. Actual news outlets have covered her speech better than I can, but I can say that her encouragement to "get involved, not discouraged" was something I needed to hear right now. I don't think anybody really needs to be told that getting involved is better than doing nothing, but her words were encouraging -- especially now that I'm at a time where I'm feeling discouraged and withdrawing to focus on my own life (and business licensing paperwork, and my health, and my financial situation...) is sorely tempting.

I would have liked to have been able to take some pictures, but a) I don't really post much about my S.O. for his privacy's sake, so I likely wouldn't put them up if I had, and b) I wasn't feeling very well, so I sat in the very back so I could leave early if I needed to without disrupting other people. I did get several pictures of him from people who snagged better seats, which was really nice of them. After the ceremony, he, his mother, and I went to Dangerously Delicious for a quick lunch, then he and I headed home for a nap before going out to dinner with his father and his aunt. I think I have enough restaurant leftovers in the fridge right now to feed us for a week!



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