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Pinrose Cancels Their Starter Witch Kit

Yesterday, Pinrose released a statement following the uproar over their Starter Witch Kits.

It's for the best that these aren't going to be produced and sold -- Sephora stood to lose because of the number of witches calling for a boycott of the company, and Pinrose probably wasn't going to benefit from the controversy. It was a lot of hoopla just for the sake of pushing a couple of perfume samples, and I'm not terribly surprised they chose to wash their hands of it.

Like a lot of other practitioners of esoteric arts, I had some feelings about the situation. My opinion is not in the majority, though, and a perfume company's marketing flop does not rank high on my list of priorities, so I didn't really jot them down. Still, having seen many other arguments both for and against Pinrose's Starter Witch Kits, I feel like I should at least offer mine.

Maybe you're a witch. If you aren't, pretend you are for a minute.

Someone asks you, "What would you…

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